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The old year is now behind us, perhaps it ended great or coincided with a strong stress period. As we said, however, everything is behind us and we can focus on the new year and on new purposes. Now we can enjoy the beginning of this new year, relaxing if we can, giving us more time for ourselves, making more informed choices that make us feel good. What do you think about starting the year on the right foot?


But what could make us feel better? Surely the environment that surrounds us. It is a highly topical issue and we are now invaded by information of all kinds, but what matters is to give even a small contribution to feel better where we live and breathe every day. Don't you think it's a great way to start? And in this context, we would like to focus on one of the most consumed food products in Italy, and not only, coffee. All PEACOCKS products are selected from small traceable farms in support of the various communities that work there as well as the environment around them, guaranteeing the best qualities that are then roasted by us in the name of freshness and respect for the whole supply chain.


We’d love to give you some advice to start as best as you can:


1 – Cool down & relax

Has the daily frenzy already taken over? Every day we try to find time to slow down, enjoy the moment, do something we like and let go of the frenzy that invades us every day.

To find calm, we recommend you an excellent product to prepare to enjoy your favourite coffee, as relaxing as a meditation: the AeroPress, which we offer in our highly sought-after BREW BOX AEROPRESS SET, with everything you need and our Brew Card for a dream brew.


2 – Get Ready

We can renew ourselves in this new year starting from the head, with our brand new PEACOCKS HAT in 100% organic cotton, respecting the environment, and unisex! We also had chosen clothing that can make a contribution, albeit small, to the environment, such as our organic cotton T-SHIRT, soft and light ready for next Spring (time flies!). Available for men and women.






3 – Go

Movement! It is what everyone now recommends, and we know it, a sedentary life creates many problems for our body. We don't want to preach to you here, but simply advise you to experiment, try something you've never done, get out of your comfort zone. So, we would like to recommend something that is truly an experimentation with extraordinary results, our Hartmann Chico Gallo with anaerobic fermentation: what you’ll taste here will be something unique, most probably something you have never tried before! Trust us.


4 – Pay Attention…

...  to what you buy! Speciality coffee now is growing everywhere, in Italy too, but often pure commercial interests do not coincide with a real interest in spreading the culture of coffee and paying more attention to the supply chain. Simply try to get in touch with your roasters, ask for more information on their way of selecting and producing, and get advice based on your preferences.


PEACOCKS from the beginning has set itself the goal of selecting and disseminating quality coffee with respect for farmers, therefore with transparent pricing and traceability policies. We do not want to enter into any commercial and mass production logic, but to give you only the best by respecting the entire supply chain from cultivation to the finished product. This is our message to improve the environment around us, are you ready?



We wish the best for this new year!






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