New Coffee! Introducing our first peruvian single origin





Mario Flores Fernandez coffee from Perù



Perú surely is one of those origins showing huge potential for speciality coffee production, but not as popular and distinctive yet.


Some producing areas are very isolated and roads still under-developed, which greatly complicates logistics for coffee producers, not to mention greatly increases the transport costs. This isolation means that coffee producers are somewhat trapped, selling to local buyers who pay below the market price, and having little or nothing to invest in the farms. The result of this is dwindling production which then leads to promotion of catimors and less focus on selective picking and an overall reduction in quality.


Despite the challenges, the coffee in San Jose de Lourdes can be spectacular, the villages of El Diamante and Nuevo Trujillo are two of the best, both sit between 1700 and 2000masl with relatively distinct micro-climates, much colder and wetter than anywhere else, which contributes to a very citric and stone fruit driven cup profile.


The lot we selected is produced by Mario Flores Fernandez from El Diamante. The variety is Caturra and it is fully washed.

The unique micro-climate and meticulous work of Mario contribute into bringing to this coffee distinctive tropical notes: mango, kiwi and a long sweet hazelnut finish.


We are so excited about it and can't wait for you to taste it!






Via Leonardo da Vinci, 6


20851, Lissone (MB)




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