We introduce our new sensory module based on blind cupping sessions



Maxwell Colonna with his graph showing the four elements for a great coffee



One of the topics that most intrigues and brings people closer to this world, is that of being able to relate a cause to a specific flavour or characteristic in the cup. (Example: this coffee has a strawberry note because the processing method favors its development, or this coffee presents an excellent sensorial balance since the water used to extract it is composed of these minerals...)


After practical tests we decided to introduce our new sensory module based on blind cupping sessions.

The sessions are 4 in total, each of which presents a main theme directly connected to the flavour profile of coffee.


The purpose is obviously to train the palate to identify characteristics and flavours, at the same time to build connections between the variables that most affect certain notes in the cup.

Cupping sessions theme could for example be:


- Same coffee on 4 different waters


- Same coffee roasted 4 different ways


- 4 coffees from the same origin but different varietals


- 4 coffees from 4 distinct origins


Inspiration from this format comes from our UKBC 2016 where the topic presented was a graph (shown above) made by Maxwell Colonna. The graph was made of four elements necessary to get a great coffee and their importance in relation with flavours.


We are thrilled to introduce this module for which you can find more information in the training section.

Each trainee will get a 250 g bag of beans.


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